MEDIREX GROUP ACADEMY n.o. („MGA“) ( As a project applicant, MGA is a scientific research and educational non-profit organization whose activities are focused on multidisciplinary independent research and development in the field of biomedicine and related support for education focused primarily on human biomedicine. MGA holds a certificate of competence to perform research and development pursuant to Section 26 (a) of Act no. 172/2005 Coll. on the organization of state support for research and development and on the amendment of Act no. 575/2001 Coll. MGA has several years of ample experience with implementation of research projects funded by the Operational Program Research and Development. The aim is to leverage the results of research in clinical practice, implement the knowledge of science and biomedical research into diagnostic and therapeutic practice. MGA also strives for involvement in international research projects and supports the transfer of know-how of international research groups and academic institutions to its own research activities, and activities of BIOMEDIRES, the centre of excellent research, currently under development. As a result of national and local research activities, we want to contribute to broader international research in the field of international biomedical scientific tasks and problems. MGA employs highly competent researchers who are directly involved in the implementation of new diagnostic procedures into practice, monitors the implemented new methodologies and procedures and continuously evaluates their diagnostic validity in comparison with the original or other diagnostic methods. MGA is also directly involved in research and development of other diagnostic methods and procedures in the field of biomedicine with priorities in the field of genetics and genomics, metabolomics as well as diagnostics and prevention of oncological and other lifestyle diseases.

The beneficiary – MEDIREX GROUP ACADEMY n.o.

Contact person:
Mgr. Dominika Vizváry


Phone no.: +421 907 839 614




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